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XL4J is our toolkit for writing Microsoft Excel Addins (XLLs) in Java

Excel is the ultimate way to get your data and services to your users. 

Business users can use Excel to make powerful spreadsheets that border on full-blown applications that power many successful businesses.

Your own custom Excel add-ins take that power to the next level, enabling better and faster use of your data and services while maintaining the ability to manage data and secure access.

XL4J allows your Java developers to quickly and easily provide access to your systems from Excel.  All using their existing expertise and workflows.

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Eliminate time-consuming manual import/export of data into Excel for analysis by using an Add-in to pull data directly into Excel from your back-end systems. No more cut and paste or CSV files.

Concentrate on your analysis, not on your raw data. XL4J reduces complexity by storing raw data in objects, allowing huge, slow spreadsheets of raw data to be dramatically shrunk down and sped up.

Improve your information security by requiring access to the corporate network to access databases. Stolen or compromised Excel files become a lower risk.

Faster development cycles by reusing code from the world's richest developer ecosystem, covering analytics, data access and management, reporting and much more. Java is much faster than VBA too, so you can get more done, more quickly!

Simple, Enterprise-friendly deployment and licensing. Just copy your add-in to each user's machine or to a network share and use without administrator privileges. Essential for locked down corporate networks.

Use your development team's existing Java knowledge, tooling and processes. No special tools or libraries are required, you don't even need Windows to build your add-ins!

If you're interested in trying out XL4J, you can freely experiment with it under our flexible dual licensing approach.  Visit our Github website for downloads or contact us for more information about purchasing a commercial license.