Consultancy and open source software for risk management

Consultancy Services

Why pay recurring license fees for analytics when robust and battle-tested Open Source analytics libraries are available?

Using Open Source software is now a crucial part of reducing costs and vendor lock-in and we can help you realise that potential.

As the architects of the OpenGamma Platform, we understand the challenges of using open source software, from evaluating libraries to integration and deployment.

Our financial expertise stretches across the market risk and valuation space from IR and credit products using an advanced multi-curve framework, through exchange-traded options, equities and futures to bonds and a full range of FX products.

Our technical expertise ranges over a broad range of technologies centred around Java and open source software but including proprietary platforms too like Bloomberg (Data License, Desktop, Server API, B-PIPE), Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, Windows, .NET.

Our clients often benefit from us working directly with your development team to bring new functionality to an existing codebase. We're always happy to get our hands dirty and work onsite or remotely doing evaluation, design or coding according to your requirements.

Our extensive experience in developing high quality software means we can provide clear advice and guidance on technical architecture, quantitative or development best practices and planning advice for your existing systems while working with existing stakeholders.

We believe integrity is the cornerstone of business relationships and we promise to always give impartial advice and always put your business first, even if that means less work for us.

Please contact us by phone or email to see how we can help you.