McLeod Moores

Consultancy and open source software for risk management

McLeod Moores Software is a software house and consultancy practice based in London.  We specialise in helping our clients incorporate free and open source financial analytics into their products and services.  

Using open source software is crucial for reducing costs and vendor lock-in and is a cost-effective way to increase asset class coverage and modelling capabilities.

Our financial expertise stretches across the market risk and valuation space from interest rate and credit products using advanced multi-curve frameworks to exchange-traded products including options, equities, futures, government and corporate bonds and a full range of FX products.

Our technical expertise ranges over a broad range of technologies centered around Java and open source software, but including proprietary platforms. We also have extensive experience of integrating market data feeds from in-house or external data providers, and in designing and building databases for trade and market data.

Our clients include large hedge funds, financial software houses and other consultancies. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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